LLynfi Surgery Appointment System

Emergency Appointments:


Emergency appointments are offered every day during morning surgery and afternoon surgery. Any patient can phone and ask for an emergency appointment between 8am and 6.30pm. Patients can present to the reception desk to ask for an emergency appointment, it is likely this will not be immediately and you will be asked to come back. The receptionist will ask the patient to give a brief description of the problem so we can offer patients the most appropriate appointment i.e doctor appointment/ Advanced nurse practitioner appointment, Advanced paramedic practitioner appointment, nurse appointment or a telephone triage appointment. Some conditions are also best treated by opticians, dentists or physiotherapists and patients may be signposted to these services by our receptionists. It also helps us plan our day to know what problems patients are coming in with.


Routine Appointments:


We offer routine GP and advanced nurse practitioner appointments for the next working day. Any patient can come to the surgery or phone the surgery to make these appointments. We open these appointments at 8.30 in the morning. Morning appointments run from 8.40 though until 11.20 and afternoon appointments from 2pm through to 5.20pm.


We offer routine nurse appointments and these open up to 4 weeks in advance. Morning Nurse Surgeries run from 8.30 until 12.30 and afternoon nurse appointments from 2pm until 5.20pm. Our nurses run diabetic clinics, chest clinics, CHD clinics, Minor illness clinics, Injections clinics, Phlebotomy services, blood pressure monitoring, wound clinics, contraception and general nurse appointments for queries.


The receptionists are likely to ask you what the problem is as it ensures you are seen by the correct health care professional.


We have access for both GP and nurse appointments online for working patients that request this service. As these appointments are used by working patients they are mostly the earliest appointments of the day and the latest appointments of the day. We have a GP appointment available at 5.30 on Mondays and Tuesdays for this reason. These appointments are opened up one week in advance.


If we request a patient makes an appointment for the result of a test we have appointments available for our receptionists to book these patients into in advance.


Very occasionally for very specific clinical needs a doctor may make an appointment in advance for a patient – we have a limited number of appointments for this as it is important to recognize the importance of continuity for certain medical conditions.




Many GP surgeries use many different appointment systems and we have changed ours a number of times over the years in response to patient’s comments and our knowledge of how patients use the system.


We do have several phone lines into the surgery and inevitably they are busiest at 8.30 in the morning as patients know this is the best time to phone for an appointment. Many surgeries do not allow patients to book appointments over the counter but we do allow this and many patients do queue as they prefer to make an appointment this way.


We have a very active patient representative group. They are always looking for new members and they do meet with the practice manager once a month to discuss many issues including appointments.


We do not like it when our patients get frustrated by the system but we are limited by the resources we have. We would also love to have better resources to educate our patients to use GP appointments wisely and considerately as often appointments are made for issues we simply cannot help with or that could be dealt with better by someone else.

Telephone System

Llynfi Surgery has one of the latest digital telephone systems.  With this system you will hear a recorded message, which offers you a selection of options:

  • House Calls/Urgent Appointment: Press 1 
  • Appointments (from 08:30 am for routine): Press 2
  • To cancel an appointment: Press 3
  • General Enquiries: Press 4

Note:  Our lines are particularly busy at 08:30, when booking routine appointments, it is therefore prudent to ring outside these times for nurse appointments or any other reasons. Thank you for your co-operation, as this allows us to manage incoming calls more efficiently.  

If you are ringing to speak to a doctor, the receptionist will take your telephone number and request the doctor to ring you back.

Our telephone queuing system helps to lighten the load on the switchboard and shorten the time that patients have to wait on the telephone.

Please note that patients who arrive more than ten minutes late for a booked appointment without previously informing the surgery of any delay will not be seen.

All calls in and out of the surgery are recorded for accuracy and training purposes.

Training Practice

Llynfi Surgery is a training practice for future general practitioners and at times we have fully qualified doctors spending some time with us before going into practice on their own.  We hope that you will consider these doctors as members of our practice.


If you cannot attend an appointment for any reason please inform us as soon as possible in order for us to give the slot to someone else.

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